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  • "Brilliant service that has cured my fear of dentists. Thanks once again to Dr Kevin for his excellent work."

    Daniel Caruana Smith

  • "I don't have enough words to thank Dr. Kevin Briffa and his team at MySmile Dental Care Centre. I can say that after I have discovered the nitrous oxide gas procedure, I am now able to look after my teeth without anxiety or fear. Th nitrous oxide gas procedure is simple and pain free. A few minutes after inhaling the gas through the nose, you start feeling drowsy; the feeling of relaxation you get after drinking 2 glasses of wine, you also feel slightly tingling in toes and fingers. After a while you feel like falling into a nice deep sleep, a dreamy-like feeling full of positive thoughts. I highly recommend the nitrous oxide gas procedure to anyone, children and adults, who like me, for years have feared the dentist. Procedure is totally pain free... Almost a pleasant experience."

    Ms V. Borg

  • "Excellent service. Love the modern and clean environment. Staff is very friendly and caring, especially with children!"

    Mr Noel Seguna

  • "Excellent service with a smile. Highly dedicated team, especially with the kids! Cannot find enough words to thank you for your dedication and patience to offer the best service ever!! Highly recommended! Thanks once again."

    Ms Stephanie Calleja

  • "Excellent service and awesome dentists! I can honestly say that I am over my 'scared of the dentist' period thanks to the very talented and gentle dentists at My Smile. Had two root treatment sessions which didn't hurt one bit and Dr Clementine kept me calm throughout. Highly recommended!"

    Ms Rebecca Borg Darmanin

  • "Thank you so much Dr Erika for today, you are one super lady dentist. Ashley has very little pain after the wisdom tooth extraction. My little niece who is 3 years old will be coming to see you, she just moved here with her mommy and daddy. She wants to go to Ashley's dentist. Sending love to you all at Mysmile."

    Ms Tracey Maria Jones-Harper

  • "They have a great service , everybody is helpful but I am afraid of dentists . It's like having a heart attack before it's my turn to go in. The waiting room is nicely decorated with play room for the children, one TV for info on teeth and the other TV on a random channel. The restroom is always clean. The clinics are well stocked and kept in working order. And the most important thing you can get an appointment without waiting too long. Well done."

    Ms Simone Micallef

  • "The clinic is very modern and clean, staff and dentists are very helpful, big thanks to Dr Evan as he took care of my tooth pain which unfortunately took quite a long time to heal. Its like he was feeling the pain with me. With kindness, carefully cleaning my teeth and easing my pain. Thanks for all your support. Keep up your good work."

    Mr Robert Muscat

  • "I always recommend My Smile Dental Clinic. The service is excellent and all staff are nice. Been going there for quite some years now and wouldn't think of changing. Keep up the good work and always that service with a smile. The name of the clinic says it all."

    Ms Anna Ciantar

  • "Many thanks for your service, you saved my day. Dr Clementine did a great job. Really appreciated!"

    Ms Shirley Costigan

  • "I would like to say a big thank you to Dr. Evan for his excellent emergency service in handling my terrible pain that cropped out yesterday. I would also like to say a big thank you to nurse Marianne Dalli that immediately took care of my case and myself in such an emergency situation. Looking forward to another excellent service with Dr. Clementine!"

    Mr Stephen Falzon

  • "I would like to thank Dr Kevin Briffa for the impeccable service he provides at Mysmile. His patience coupled with extreme mastery with which he performs his job made a complicated visit to the dentist a real walk in the park. The use of laughing gas to perform the extraction was also a brilliant tool to calm me down and give him the chance to work in a serene way. Well done and thanks again. Satisfied customer :)"

    Dr Luke Dalli

  • "Our son had his teeth filled under general anaesthetic today and can not but say thank you not only for the extremely professional service received but also for being so understanding in a moment when a parent needs particular support. Thank you Dr Erika and assistant for doing such a great job. Highly recommended."

    Ms Charlene Mizzi

  • "State of the art Clinic!! Its a blessing having your service!! Thank you Dr Erika & your assistant! Thank you so much for your patience and for making my daughter's experience a positive one! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

    Ms Christabel Sansone

  • "I would like to thank Dr Kevin Briffa for his excellent service. Highly recommend especially to those like me that are afraid from a tooth extraction."

    Ms Fiona Camilleri

  • "A very strange statement... "I look forward to my dentist appointments!!" Now that's something you won't hear a lot of people say... I do, thanks Dr. Cher for your great work and dedication."

    Mr Matthew Psaila

  • "Very dedicated staff and nice environment. A very big thank you to Dr Kevin Briffa who not only managed to control my fear but must say that he made me change my mind about dentist visiting ☺"

    Ms Mariella Vella

  • "I was there yesterday, first time with my son. Very nice place and clean. Thanks to Dr. Kirsty well done, no more fear from the dentist."

    Mr Joseph Pace

  • "Very professional and friendly staff. Highly recommended."

    Mr Ivan Bartolo

  • "Excellent service !!!! thank you for today :) kids loved it."

    Ms Christine Refalo

  • "Very nice and tidy and well kept clinic and helpful staff especially with kids. Super like!"

    Ms Karen Grixti

  • "Very happy with my choice of dentist. One of the best on the island. Keep up the good work Dr Evan Camilleri."

    Mr Jean Pierre Camilleri

  • "Beautiful clinic that makes you feel comfortable with very friendly and kind staff. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your service!"

    Mr Joseph Lautier

  • "On a recent holiday to Malta I went to the MySmile Dental clinic for extensive dental treatment which involved mini implant surgery and new dentures. Dr Kevin Briffa and his team completed the treatment in a very limited time frame,often working outside normal surgery hours due to the very short notice I had given him. The high standard of quality and expertise has far exceeded any expectations that I could have imagined. After years of bad experiences and huge expense, I had lost all hope in ever being able to smile with confidence, let alone eat normal food again. Dr Kevin has given me my life back. The total cost including a lovely two week holiday on the beautiful island was considerably less than I would have been expected to pay in England. I have never written a review before but had to express my gratitude to this truly wonderful and talented dentist who, with his team,showed me nothing but kindness, understanding and above all complete professionalism. Given all of the above, I would not hesitate in recommending MySmile to anyone. Thank you so very much."

    Ms Wendy Ashbridge (Cornwall, UK)

  • "No more dental phobia!! Thanks to Dr Kevin Briffa and staff... Well Done!"

    Ms Maryrose Cassar (Xghajra, Malta)

  • "I needed the use of the laughing gas as a way of anaesthesia due to the fact that I needed to extract a wisdom tooth that had it's roots curved firmly in my gums and growing in a horizontal manner rather than upwards. I have only praise with regards to the laughing gas. I've never experienced it before but I've read and seen videos about it and it never gave me the impression that it would be as heavy as any other anaesthesia. Apart from giving you a very pleasant, relaxed and mellow feeling during the operation, the best thing about the laughing gas is that it doesn't leave you groggy and with a feeling of a hangover after the operation. So much so, I drove from Luqa to Mosta at rush hour on a weekday, around 30 mins after the operation. I believe that the laughing gas is a very safe way of having anaesthesia without any side affects and as a matter of fact, I've asked for it to be used again during my next surgical extraction next month and would like to encourage those individuals who are sceptic of using it, to change their view of this method as it's very beneficial to those who need it."

    Mr Giovanni Gauci (Mosta, Malta)

  • "Hi Dr Evan, sorry if I am disturbing but just to let you know that all is super well with my tooth. No pain, no swelling, nothing negative but only a good pain-free feeling. All thanks to you. Vera thank you."

    Ms Ingrid Fenech (Luqa, Malta)

  • "Dr. Kristy excellent and professional. Makes one feel at ease. Thanks!"

    Ms Elizabeth Tratnik

  • "Well done, excellent service. Special thanks to Dr Kevin Briffa who made me feel at ease throughout the whole procedure and made me overcome my anxiousness."

    Ms Flavia Borg

  • "We came today with our 6 year old son. Well done to all and keep up the good work. Very friendly staff especially with kids! So satisfied!"

    Ms Roxanne Bondin

  • "Very friendly and patient staff with young children, thanks Dr Kirsty."

    Ms Ruth Zahra

  • "I want to praise Mysmile dental clinic in Luqa for the professional staff and child-friendly atmosphere. My little 4 year old daughter had a bad toothache and it was very painful. Although she was very scared to go to the dentist (even I was scared), Dr Kirsty filled the tooth in a few minutes. Thanks so much! Tonight we can sleep peacefully."

    Ms Mella Agius

  • "Impressively designed clinic that makes you feel at ease. Excellent dental care with a gentle approach and clear explanations. Visited as a family with my two young daughters who enjoyed the visit and got empowered to care for their teeth. Well done and highly recommended!"

    Dr Kevin Borg

  • "Yesterday my son Liam had to do a filling. He was really afraid and cried his heart out. Dr Cher Farrugia was really patient and with some nice talk she managed to do the filling. Great job"

    Ms Michelle Busuttil

  • "Very professional service....excellent.....Thanks!"

    Ms Claudia Tabone

  • "The best clinic with excellent service! Keep it up! :)"

    Ms Allison Farrugia

  • "Highly recommended for kids, very satisfied. Thanks a bunch to Dr.Erika!"

    Ms Mariella Donia Vella (Zejtun, Malta)

  • "I would like to thank Dr. Evan Camilleri and the MySmile team for their care and professional service. They were very sympathetic in my treatment considering I am always on edge at the dentist."

    Ms Mary Rose Mifsud (Attard, Malta)

  • "The best dental clinic with excellent service! Keep it up! :)"

    Ms Alison Farrugia (Malta)

  • "For all those mummies asking about teeth and dentists, I cannot recommend enough MySmile Dental Care Centre. Took my son and the place is very welcoming, cheerful, child friendly and clean. Staff are very friendly and make the children feel at ease. We didn't wait longer than 2 minutes. My son had his filling done and not one tear was shed:-)

    Ms Nadia Mizzi (Lija, Malta)

  • "Excellent service keep it up!!! Highly recommended :)"

    Ms Maruska Elgamei

  • "Thank you so much for your great service , I'm really happy I've just met the tooth fairy! Thank you."

    Ms Y. Scicluna Galea (Luqa, Malta)

  • "Very nice and tidy and well kept clinic. Helpful staff especially with kids. Super like!"

    Ms Karen Grixti

  • "Excellent! Good price and caring dentists! Really good!"

    Ms Carolina Bertolucci

  • "Like many, having to visit the dentist was not a jump around for me ;)) I would avoid at all costs. In spite of that, Mysmile Dental Care Centre greeted me very friendly every time and showed superior quality in their work. Dr Kevin Briffa has patiently guided me through each stage of my treatment which made me feel at ease. I am very pleased with the excellent result. Many more smiles now!! I would recommend Mysmile Dental Care Centre worldwide ;))) Thanks a million."

    Ms Catheryn Magro (Gudja, Malta)

  • "I've been visiting Mysmile clinic for quite some time now; every time I visited I was extremely satisfied with the top notch services offered and even with the results afterwards. Thank you Dr Kevin Briffa, thank you Mysmile team! Highly recommended:)"

    Ms Franciana Cassar (Zejtun, Malta)

  • "Beautiful clinic that makes you feel comfortable with very friendly and kind staff. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your service!"

    Mr J. Lautier (Msida, Malta)

  • "State of the art dental clinic. Very professional service and advice."

    Ms Denise Camilleri (Zabbar, Malta)

  • "Excellent service from professional dentists."

    Ms Rosette Galea (Kirkop, Malta)

  • "Very happy with my choice of dentist . One of the best on the island. Keep up the good work Dr Evan Camilleri"

    Mr Jean Pierre Camilleri (Luqa, Malta)

  • "Thank you for your excellent service... would recommend to anyone!"

    Mr Mike Scerri

  • "Excellent team!"

    Ms. S. Romanous (Sydney, Australia)

  • "Thank you for your excellent service... would recommend to anyone!"

    Mr. M. Scerri

  • "Martha Marmara wishes to thank her special dentist for her care, love and patience. Thank you so much... You are an awesome dentist. Xx"

    Ms. M. Marmara

  • "Excellent, caring dentists. 5 star service. Keep it up."

    Ms. A. Cauchi (Luqa, Malta)

  • "Very professional and friendly staff. Highly recommended especially for kids."

    Ms. R. Staff (Gzira , Malta)

  • "Great service with a smile."

    Mr. T. Diacono (Sliema, Malta)

  • "I am always relaxed when going to the dentist at MySmile because he makes sure I do not feel any pain."

    Mr. C. Ebejer (Bidnija, Malta)

  • "Excellent, caring dentists. 5 star service. Keep it up!"

    Ms Antoinette Cauchi (Luqa, Malta)

  • "When I was a kid, going to the dentist always turned out to be a scary experience. However, since I became a client at MySmile dental care centre in Luqa, I've completely overcome this 'fear'. The clinic is modern and welcoming, there is no smell of hospitals whatsoever, staff is friendly, dentists are down-to-earth & prices are reasonable considering the excellent service provided. Besides, recently I underwent a minor operation & had my wisdom tooth extracted. Prior to the operation, my dentist, Dr. Kevin Briffa, explained meticulously what the procedure would entail and how I should take the medicine he had prescribed me beforehand. Operation was successful and recovery was smooth. Moreover, the day after surgery, Dr. Briffa called me to check whether I was ok. Thanks. Keep up the good work!"

    Mr. J. Galea (Qormi, Malta)

  • "Excellent work on my implants. Well done!!"

    Mrs Silvana Zammit (Attard, Malta)

  • "First experience of MySmile Dental Care Centre today for a filling and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed! Highly recommended!"

    Ms Fiona-Rachel Dalmas (Tarxien, Malta)

  • "Thanks to Dr Camilleri at MySmile Dental Care Centre for a great and prompt service, my smile is back!"

    Mrs Pauline Sultana (Luqa, Malta)

  • "I have to say. Best dental clinic on the Island. So happy to have discovered you. Keep it up."

    Mr Martin Agius (San Gwann, Malta)

  • "Thank God I found my last dental appointment card dating back almost a decade and called immediately for an urgent appointment. Thank God also for calling at the right place. Dr Briffa was so kind to see me the next day and although I was as skeptical to visit a dentist as I've always been before, I was thoroughly impressed by the way I was welcomed, treated and taken care of by everyone. Such a lovely calming waiting atmosphere (which I could only enjoy for 5 mins!) and a professional staff to immediately make you feel very comfortable. Was also amused by the fact that I felt no pain or discomfort whatsoever and I must say, I am now looking forward to visit the dental clinic again in a months time! Thanks for a great service."

    Mr Jean Pierre Gatt (Zurrieq, Malta)

  • "I always had a phobia about dentists, the pain and sound of the drill is enough to put anyone off. I would honestly like to say a big well done and thank you to you guys at mysmile, I have never felt more comfortable and procedures that I had to do were pain free xxxx"

    Mrs Olivia Gambin (Luqa, Malta)

  • "Went to the dentist yesterday with a very bad toothache. Dr Kevin Briffa made time in his schedule to see me. Four injections later and a considerable amount of laughing gas made the whole process pain free. Thank you very much Dr Kevin Briffa for paying so much attention to my needs yesterday. There should be more dentists like you - it would make going to the dentist a much more pleasant situation. I greatly recommend going to MySmile Dental Care Centre. Thanks goes to Dr Kevin and all his staff."

    Mr Mario Mansueto (Tarxien, Malta)

  • "I attended MySmile dental clinic for a filling, which I normally dread as the local anaesthetic injection can often be very uncomfortable. Dr Kevin Briffa was extremely gentle and meticulous during the procedure and explained every step of the way. I was completely comfortable throughout, it really was the best filling I've ever had done. I even got a chip on my front tooth chiseled out for free! Highly recommended!"

    Dr Dawn Caruana (Glasgow, Scotland)

  • "Thank you very much Dr. Kevin Briffa for paying so much attention to my needs yesterday. Removing a molar yesterday was pain free. There should be more dentists like you - it would make going to the dentist a much more pleasant situation."

    Mr Mario C. Mansueto (Tarxien, Malta)

  • "I'd like to thank the people at the reception for being so helpful and welcoming... and Dr Brenda Cutajar for the excellent treatment in such a friendly, relaxing and professional style."

    Mr Louis Debono (Gzira, Malta)

  • "I would like to thank Dr. Evan Camilleri for his calm, cool and professional approach. Yesterday's visit helped me overcome a fear threshold that has been with me for over 30 years! Thank you"

    Mr Noel Hollier (Tarxien, Malta)

  • "The service offered at MySmile can only be described as top-notch. The staff, in particular Dr. Kevin, go out of their way to make the patient feel as relaxed as possible and do in fact offer a complete service by taking time to answer questions and ensuring the client is at ease at all times. I can personally vouch that this is the first clinic I have been do that offered this level of customer care. I will surely be recommending this clinic to anybody I encounter needing a dentist."

    Edward (Mqabba, Malta)

  • "My daughter and I went to see Dr. Erika Briffa Zahra. She was very attentive in her work, explained everything very clearly and she was excellent with my 2-year old child. My daughter loved going up on the "dentist's special purple chair" and this made her feel at ease. Looking forward to our next visit."

    Mrs Marie Clare Zammit (Attard, Malta)

  • "The thought of going to a dentist had always scared me, until I started going to MySmile dental clinic. I visited several dental clinics from a young age on a regular basis, however I have never felt as comfortable as I do at MySmile. The dentists have always made me feel at ease and have always ensured that I am not in pain or feel discomfort. They have always been very meticulous, very patient and professional, and are always happy to spare the time to explain any procedure to fulfil my curiosity."

    Mrs Marie Louise Theobald (Msida, Malta)

  • "I was extremely impressed with the high quality and professional service provided by the team at MySmile, especially when considering their prices. I've been to more expensive clinics, both local and abroad but the quality treatment and the sterling service at MySmile was simply exceptional. The clinic is equipped with friendly staff who were ready to listen to my needs. I was also amazed with the cleanliness, efficiency, modern and relaxing environment. Having said this, the thought of going to another clinic will never cross my mind. I would rather wait for my next visit to Malta than have any dental treatment carried out while I am abroad on studies. I would definitely recommend MySmile to everyone. Keep up the good work!!"

    Ms Jessica Curmi (Glasgow, UK)

  • "MySmile Dental Care Centre was recommended to me by a relative, who is a regular patient at the clinic. The clinic was very easy to find and has a very welcoming feel. The supporting staff were also very kind, helpful and attentive to clients. Their attention to detail can be seen both in their spotless facilities and the level of service they provide. The clinic is also very child-friendly and the dentists do their utmost to make patients feel comfortable and at ease. You can rest assured that you will be well taken care of."

    Ms Cynthianne Spiteri (Leipzig, Germany)

  • "Dr. Evan Camilleri has been my dentist for quite a long time & he has been our family dentist too & he always worked miracles. "MySmile Dental Care Centre" is a nice, modern, clean, very well equipped & pleasant place to have your dental care & reduces the normal usual tension one feels when knowing the need to go & have your teeth checked! The very friendly professional staff & efficient service reaffirm my choosing "MySmile" clinic. I find it very helpful that from a day before you would be reminded about the appointment. Thanks to all & keep it up... & thanks also for emailing me immediately back when I was abroad & had toothache!"

    Ms Andrea Portelli Morana (Sliema, Malta)

  • "Like many, dental appointments are not a favourite in my book. However, at MySmile I have always been greeted with an appeasing experience. Dentists at MySmile have now been in charge of my dental work for several years as they always showed interest and carried out work with an uncommon level of passion. I would also like to thank the whole team whose dedication contributes to the experience. I recommend My Smile Dental Clinic wholeheartedly."

    Mr Andre Grech (Qormi, Malta)

  • "I recently sorted out a problem that had been bothering me for years, dental over-crowding. In practical terms, this means that my teeth were too large for the jaw or that my jaw was too small to accommodate the teeth. My teeth were unable to assume their normal positions in the jaw, they were crooked and aesthetically unappealing. I must admit that having a less than perfect smile effected my confidence and self-esteem. I did my research and understood that fixing this problem required a lot of work. For most people, myself included, spending hours on end sitting on a dental chair is not very enticing. I knew that to make the process bearable, I had to make sure that I select the best possible dental surgery. A relative referred me to MySmile. Setting an appointment was easy; a courteous receptionist took my details and called me back with a number of available slots. Two days before the due date, I received a text reminding me of my appointment. On the day, I was pleasantly surprised with the clinic itself. MySmile is very different from the dental clinics I had been to before. The clinic's clean, modern, and relaxing environment immediately put me at ease. I was assigned to Dr. Kevin Briffa, one of the dental surgeons at MySmile. Dr. Briffa has a unique approach with patients. He took the time to explain my problem in layman terms. He recommended a number of solutions to my problem and outlined the dental work and cost these options entailed. He patiently answered my various questions and guided me through the decision making process. He also referred me for a consultation to consider braces to sort out the teeth crowding but I it turned out that it was not the right option for me. Before sitting for my first session with Dr. Briffa, I had a perfect understanding of the procedure that I would be undergoing. My treatment started with a general check-up, including an x-ray. Over the course of a number of sessions, my over-crowding was resolved, leaving me with perfect healthy teeth. All the work performed on me was entered into My Smile's computer system, so that on subsequent visits, my dentists knows exactly the treatments that I had. I have to thank the Team at MySmile for giving me my smile back! Whether you require a simple check-up, or a major procedure, I highly recommend MySmile."

    Mr Alexander Fenech (St Julians, Malta)

  • "Very friendly but always professional staff - make you feel comfortable straight way. Always do their best to fit me in for an appointment - even though my time is limited as I currently live abroad (being close to the airport also helps with this!). Brilliant value for money - especially compared to prices that I would need to pay back in the UK."

    Dr Maxine Zahra Montefort (Chichester, UK)

  • "After doing some research and consulting with my dentist about tooth whitening procedures at MySmile dental care centre, I decided to go ahead with Tooth Whitening. Dr. Erika Briffa Zahra explained all the steps thoroughly and also advised on how to keep up the great results. I was very satisfied with the results as I managed to have a brilliant smile in just one visit. Would surely recommend Tooth Whitening!"

    Ms Loredana Zahra (San Gwann, Malta)

  • "It has always been a nice experience at MySmile. I've always been scared of dentists, but at MySmile it's very different. The patience and excellent service from all the staff and especially my dentist Dr. Erika Briffa Zahra, along with the nice surroundings, make me feel so much at ease. On one occasion I have also been given nitrous oxide gas to make the treatment totally pain-free, and it has made me feel great. I highly recommend the laughing gas for pain-free dentistry in a very relaxed feeling. Well done to MySmile for your excellent service!"

    Dr Charlene Scicluna (Marsaskala, Malta)

  • "Going to MySmile clinic was honestly a unique experience. As soon as I walked in, I didn't even realise I was in a dental clinic because it felt somewhat like a beauty salon. A nice relaxing reception area full of lively colors, music and exceptionally experienced staff that made me feel at home. The actual rooms again were so full of life, colorful and full of natural light. A true new concept for a dental clinic."

    Ms Ruth Grech (Msida, Malta)

  • "I have always given extreme importance to dental hygiene and services. My choice of dentist has always been based on trust and professionalism. MySmile Dental Care Centre not only exceeds such expectations but also provides a high standard of cleanliness, a fantastic and modern environment, and hi-tech equipment. Dr. Briffa not only gives me very thorough information about the condition of my teeth but details and demonstrates procedures. I also have the peace of mind that all my records are stored in a computer database. In a fast trek life like mine having a dentist who sends me an SMS to remind me of my next appointment is so useful. Waiting time is always short and never boring as I can watch TV on a large flat screen or continue working using the clinics WI-FI service in a lovely waiting area that feels like being in paradise."

    Ms Elaine Fenech (St.Julians, Malta)

  • "If you've always been afraid of the dentist, than it's time to try 'mysmile' - you will change your perception completely. They are not merely very nice and gentle with you, but they make you feel at ease. Fear of getting hurt will be the last thing on your mind, because it's impossible! Going to the dentist was never my favourite thing, but I must admit that nowadays I tend to look forward to my appointment at 'mysmile'. Apart from enjoying my waiting in the state-of-the-art waiting room whilst looking at fish in the aquarium, I enjoy chatting around with the dentist. Here the dentists take their work very seriously, and nothing is left to chance; that is why I feel so secure when I'm in their hands. Thank you 'mysmile'."

    Ms. S. V. Bason (Ta Xbiex, Malta)

  • "The customer service I experienced at MySmile Dental Care Centre was excellent. Dr. Kevin Briffa, my dentist, patiently talked me through each stage of my treatment which made me feel at ease. With state of the art equipment, friendly staff and ambience that provides an experience in its own self, this clinic gives visiting the dentist a whole new meaning. I would like to thank all at MySmile for giving me the desired results every time which adds even more value to the already affordable prices."

    Mr. O. Scicluna (Marsaskala, Malta)

  • "I see Dr. Kevin Briffa every 6 months and I've always received pain free dental treatment. The new clinic is impeccable and very welcoming. I also noted that a great deal of attention was given to cleanliness and hygiene. I highly recommend Dr. Briffa and My Smile Dental Clinic."

    Mr. J. Zammit (Attard, Malta)

  • "I am very pleased with the treatment I received at your excellent dental clinic. Felt very much at ease with the friendliness and professionalism of all the staff! Well done and keep up the good work!"

    Ms. C. Cassar (Rabat, Malta)

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