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At MySmile Dental Care Centre we give a lot of importance to value for money. For clarification purposes, the professional fees listed below are a very good guideline and in fact where the fee is quoted as "from", a routine procedure is charged at that quoted fee. Only services which necessitate deviations from the norm may incur a small additional fee.

It is best to refer to the services section of this website to understand what each of the services listed below consists of.



Check-up/ Examination/ Consultation


X-rays (Radiographs)  

Intra-oral X-ray (small sized X-ray): Bitewing or Periapical (per X-ray)


Intra-oral X-ray (medium sized X-ray): Standard Maxillary Occlusal 


Panoramic/ OPG X-ray (large sized X-ray)


CBCT xray (3D) €160

Scale & Polish (Professional Cleaning), from


Fissure Sealant (per tooth)


Bruxism Splint (per arch required)


Tooth Gem (Skyce)




Composite (white) or Amalgam (metal) fillings (note - €5/pin extra if pins are used)


Pulpotomy / Pulpectomy & fillings in baby teeth


Inhalation Sedation (nitrous oxide/laughing gas), for treatment not exceeding 1 hour 


General Anaesthesia (Fee varies according to treatment required and hospital fees)


Tooth Whitening  
BEYOND® POLUS® Professional In-Office Whitening €300
BEYOND® POLUS® Professional In-Office Whitening (including whitening trays with €50 discount) €360
PHILIPS ZOOM!® Professional In-Office Whitening €350

PHILIPS ZOOM!® Professional In-Office Whitening (including whitening trays with €50 discount)


BEYOND® CoreWhite Home-Whitening (including whitening trays; price may vary according to how many tooth whitening gel tubes are requested). Starting pack of 3 tooth whitening gel tubes:


BEYOND® CoreWhite Touch-up whitening gel tube €15

Root Canal Treatments


Incisor/ canine/ premolar




Post & Core

Crowns & Veneers


Zirconia/ All-Ceramic Crown


Ceramic Veneer €500
Edelweiss Composite Veneer €300

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crown




ZIRCONIA All-Ceramic Tooth-retained Bridges (per unit)


Porcelain-fused-to-Metal Tooth-retained Bridges (per unit)




Acrylic Denture (per denture)


Acrylic Dentures Set (upper and lower dentures)


Cobalt-Chrome (Metal) Denture (per denture) or Nylon Resin Denture


Cobalt-Chrome (Metal) Dentures Set (upper and lower dentures) or Nylon Resin Denture


Denture Repairs  

Acrylic denture repair, from


Cobalt-chrome denture: repair of acrylic part, from 


Cobalt-chrome denture: repair of metal framework, from 




Conventional Implant complete with Abutment and Crown - fee may vary depending on the particular case and excludes any bone graft if required - (per tooth replaced)


Mini-Dental Implants case Upper Jaw (excluding new upper denture)


Mini-Dental Implants case Lower Jaw (excluding new lower denture)


Bone Augmentation (per sachet needed) - may be required depeding on the particular case


Bone Membrane (per packet needed) - may be required depeding on the particular case


Orthodontic consultation with specialist orthodontist €30-40

Removable Braces (fee varies according to the type of removable brace needed and excludes follow-up visit fees)


Fixed Braces/ Clear aligners

General extraction, from


Surgical extraction (such as wisdom tooth surgical extraction), from


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